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I’m just not having any luck getting anything done. I’ve had the same hot tub since 1989. I bought it after my dad died. At the time, I was bartending at Dick’s Place in Mendocino. My feet and back were killing me. A hot tub was just the ticket. I’m not much of a shopper, but I drove down to Santa Rosa to see what was on the market. The first place I went was a Hot Springs Spa dealer, only because they were the first store closest to the north. As I was waiting for a salesman, a woman came in the door, cut in front of me and exclaimed that she had been to every single hot tub dealer in the area and had decided that Hot Springs Spa was the best of them all. “I’ll take one too!” I cried out. Shopping done.

When I moved from Fort Bragg to my present address, my then husband hauled up my Hot Springs Spa on our motorcycle trailer, built a small deck around it and there it sits today. I love my hot tub. I’m 24 years older than I was when I first bought it so I need it even more. I don’t bartend anymore, but I mop and wax floors, change beds, haul cases of beer and booze and chase around after HER. The best time of the evening is slipping out into my hot tub with a glass of good red wine and letting the water boil away my aches and pains. About a month ago I noticed the water wasn’t as warm as it should have been, and the reset button kept kicking out so the filter and jets wouldn’t work. I figured that it must be the heater that needed replacing. Hot Springs has changed dealers in Eureka. I had dealt with the previous dealer when I needed a cover for my spa. It took two months and I finally got it by ordering it myself through the manufacturer. Geez! But, I was hoping the new guy would be better. I just want my hot tub! I remembered it rhymed with Rooter or Scooter. I found them in the phone book, called and left a message.

It seems that no one opens for business until after 10:00. I’m up at 6:00 so that gives me four hours to kill before anyone picks up a phone. Anyway, I explained in my message that I lived in SoHum and if they had a repair person coming this way, to please call and put me on a list. I left the year of my hot tub and the make. A couple of days went by. Grandkids came and we went camping and when we got back, I called again. This time I reached a person and he told me I needed to get the serial number off the tub. Gary crawled under the house when he got home and got the number, but it was after hours so I waited to call the next day. I was also told that it was $165 to come down to fix my tub. That was just an initial trip charge. Ok, I’m used to that. We get charged extra for any service we get down here. I just wanted my hot tub fixed. When I called again, the owner answered and I explained the situation to him and gave him the serial number. I waited several days and called back again. Left a message……. Then called again and got the other guy. He said he would need the serial number. I told him I had given it to his boss a few days before. He told me it never reached him so I dug through my trash and found the number and gave it to him again. Sooooooooooooo.

I had to go to Eureka and do a lot of shopping. Because it was so hot down here I decided to bring Willie and Rusty. They like hanging out in the car. I have certain places I let them out to sniff and unload; otherwise, they just cruise along checking out the sites. I’d given them these new pills that treat fleas and heartworm all in one, so when I began to smell little odors, I began to wonder if those pills might have had a negative effect on their delicate constitutions. I went to Sear’s and bought two vacuum cleaners, one for me and one for the inn, and let them out behind the store. No go. I went to Costco and bought all sorts of stuff and let them out behind the store. No go. I went to lunch at my favorite Café Waterfront and then let them out again. No go. I went out to Cash & Carry and let them out again in the field. No go. But I could still smell strange odors every time I got into the car. My last stop was my dentist. Before I went in I let them out in a field in Fortuna. No go.

As I sat in the waiting room, I thought I might call the spa guy again and find out what was going on! After all, I had been calling for several weeks and never once had anyone called ME back. I was getting a little tired of this. So the guy that I had spoken with wasn’t in but the woman sent me on to the boss again. I explained to him that I had been calling and calling and that I wanted to find out what was going on and when, if ever, someone was coming down this way. I also asked if they had ordered the part. He said he needed the serial numbers. I said I had given it to them twice, once to him and once to his repair man. I asked if they wanted me to order the part. He said that he didn’t like my attitude and that he didn’t like to do business with people with bad attitudes and then he gave me another number to call and hung up. I sat in shock. I didn’t have a bad attitude! I just wanted to get my hot tub fixed! And wouldn’t you sort of have a bad attitude if YOU had to call over and over again to get a service that YOU were going to be charged more for just because YOU live a half hour away? And wouldn’t YOU have a bad attitude if YOU couldn’t even find out if the part was ordered? But not me. I didn’t have a bad attitude. I just wanted my hot tub fixed! Honestly, I don’t know why some people are in business in the first place!My appointment, buy the way, was at “tooth-hurty, aka, 2:30. Funny, yes? I’m called back into Dr. Jones’s lair, gratefully sinking into the comfy chair. The TV up in the ceiling was showing people getting gastric bypass surgery. Horrible. Then Dr. Jones comes in, begins cleaning my teeth and tells me that many Peruvian people have six toes. This day just gets better and better.

My face was numb and mouth dragging down when I finally got back on the road. I felt like a geek. I decided to stop by the Pub at Scotia Inn for a glass of wine on my way home since I couldn’t have one in my hot tub. The Pub has really great food and appetizers, but I wouldn’t have been able to eat anyway, and probably would have to drink my wine with a straw. Ah Ha! I spied Gary’s truck parked in the lot! He’s been working up Highway 36 so I wasn’t surprised to see he’d stopped there for a well deserved cold beer. With my hair sort of covering my drooping mouth, I sidled up next to him at the bar. Surprised, he turned, looked at me and said, “Phew! I smell dog crap!”

All my frustration boiled over. “All you had to do was stand in the hot sun and work on the road all day, but I had to smell dog farts!” I cried, “How do you think I feel! Jammed in a car filled with farts, climbing in and out waiting for dogs to crap! I was hung up on by the Rooter-Scooter spa guy and Dr. Jones forced me to listen about six –toed Peruvians while I had to watch 700 pound people get their stomachs tied up!” None of that mattered. He said I still smelled like dog crap. At the same time, we both looked down at my shoe. Ewwwwwwwwwww! Poor Rusty and Willie. They were jammed in a car all day long………..